Services provided by the company

    1. More than thirty types of natural soap
    2. More than a hundred types of liquid plant extracts loaded with powder
    3. Natural oilss
    4. Manufacture of red Turkish oil  )TRO) , which is used in several industries, including:
      • makeup
      • natural soap
      • Disinfectants
      • veterinary preparations
      • Agricultural pesticides and fertilizers
      • Natural dyeing of fabric
      • Leather tanning
      • Plastic....and other industries
    5. Cosmetic products that have a therapeutic character
    6. body care products
    7. Manufacturing for others
    8. Providing technical advice, formulations and problem solving in the cosmetic industry, medical and veterinary preparations and specialized detergents
    9. Disinfectants
    10. Medicinal herbs
    11. Therapeutic bee honey
    12. Home care products
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