CKT 2000


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CKT 2000

Natural product improving skin, hair condition it is rich in ricin and which helps in fighting the skin Bacteria that cause acne. It is easily penetrating the skin makes the skin smooth, supple to vitality naturally. Used in products. free sodium.

-Sobor iconolater potassium salt.
Foricinolate sodium salt. Mixture

Properties:A clear bright yellow and liquid – mild viscously
Adour: characteristic
Water content: 70%
PH 10%: 9-9.5
Solubility: water soluble
– Combined sulphate not more than 0.1%
– Sodium: free from sodium 0%

– Reduce Acne.
– Hair condition in shampoo.
– Heals unblamed skin.
– Moisture skin.
– Prevent stretch marks
– Mild germicide
– 5-7 % use in shampoo or cream.

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