who are we

The global trend is currently moving towards the use of natural materials in all aspects of life, especially materials that affect humans and use them directly, such as medicines, cosmetics and natural personal care for the body, hair and children.

And also natural detergents and disinfectants and all that a person needs in his public life, and for this the company has a main goal by using natural materials, especially those available in the Egyptian environment for several reasons, including human safety during use and the use of Egyptian natural materials, which gives Egyptian products a global character in safety and impact and works to provide hard currency by producing cosmetics Safe, natural cosmetics with ingredients available in the Egyptian environment, which gives a high quality, safe and available product at all times.

The Story

The project was started by Dr. Pharmacist Sherif Fikry Mohamed Ali, who holds several international and Egyptian scientific certificates, and they are:
  1. Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1983
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Control and Quality Assurance 1995
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in the Cosmetics Industry 1997
  4. Special Studies in Good Manufacturing of Product (G.M.P)
  5. Modern Calibration Methods ISO 9001
  6. Modern methods of management TQM
  7. Special studies on the stability and security of products during the period of storage and use with 38 years of experience in the manufacture of medicines, cosmetics and medicinal plants in several international and Egyptian companies.

We started in 1998 in Sadat City with a small factory. During a short period of time, the project grew and we produced for the local market and exported to several Arab and African countries. And to meet production demands and company vision. Al-Alameya Factory for Pharmaceutical Industries and Cosmetics was built (IPC) It is on an area of 2000 square meters on three floors, equivalent to a production area of more than 3000 square meters according to international standards (G.M.P). The production is supervised by pharmacists who have long experience in the pharmaceutical and therapeutic cosmetics industry and hold the highest degrees.


Providing natural products of high quality and reasonable prices that cover a large part of the alternatives to imported products.


We strive to make our natural products always preferred through quality, effectiveness and appropriate price.


We perform our business with flexibility and high efficiency and take bold decisions that enhance the product and the user's interest.


We work in a team spirit and exchange knowledge, skills and experience between our company and international companies. With continuous training, we progress and rise.


We gain respect through our commitment to the legislation and laws of Egyptian and international health to produce products with effectiveness, quality and safety.


We always strive to develop our project and maximize our production capacity to produce international quality products.


We excel in the completion of our products and provide the best quality levels.

Meet Our Leaders

Sherif Fikry